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JUSTICIA Beirut Consult is a Lebanese Law firm founded and managed by Dr. Paul Morcos. Later on Me. Joseph Yazbeck joined as a partner; also, a number of lawyers and judges joined JUSTICIA Beirut Consult as non equity partners and associates.
The firm aims at accentuating clients’ goodwill through introducing a wide range of legal and consultancy services with a staff of around 17 lawyers and senior former judges including the former President of the Supreme Court, the former DG of the Ministry of Justice and the president of Beirut Appeal Court .

JUSTICIA Beirut Consult Law firm has a broad experience in employment laws, trade policies, tax schemes, governance standards and more – all are changing as governments and businesses respond to increasingly mobile capital, jobs and opportunity in a global economy.

It is a challenge to keep up – let alone make the strategic decisions required to adapt your business portfolio to competitive requirements.

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Commercial
  • Corporate
  • Criminal
  • Shipment
  • Transportation
  • Human Rights

Scope of JUSTICIA Law firm

JUSTICIA Beirut Consult Law firm has been helping companies master the challenges and opportunities of this dynamic region. We provide sophisticated global insights, coordinated regional capabilities and rich local knowledge to address almost any need.

JUSTICIA Beirut Consult Law firm is an advisor of the Lebanese parliament and international organizations. This has been a trigger for JUSTICIA Beirut Consult to partake in collective jobs with Lebanese parliamentary members and ministers.

In addition to participating in major local and international workshops, JUSTICIA Beirut Consult Law firm has contributed, several times, in drafting laws, many of which are now effective.

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