About us

JUSTICIABeirutConsult is a Lebanese Law firm founded and managed by Dr. Paul Morcos. Later on Me. Joseph Yazbeck joined as a partner. Also, a number of lawyers and judges joined JUSTICIABeirutConsult as non equity partners and associates.
The firm aims at accentuating clients’ goodwill through introducing a wide range of legal and consultancy services with a staff of around 17 lawyers and senior former judges including the former President of the Supreme Court, the former DG of the Ministry of Justice and the president of Beirut Appeal Court .


These services pertain to various issues that include banking, insurance, commercial, corporate, criminal, shipment, transportation, and human rights.

JUSTICIABeirutConsult has a broad experience in employment laws, trade policies, tax schemes, governance standards and more – all are changing as governments and businesses respond to increasingly mobile capital, jobs and opportunity in a global economy.

It is a challenge to keep up – let alone make the strategic decisions required to adapt your business portfolio to competitive requirements.

Projects and Contribution

JUSTICIABeirutConsult has been helping companies master the challenges and opportunities of this dynamic region. We provide sophisticated global insights, coordinated regional capabilities and rich local knowledge to address almost any need.

JUSTICIABeirutConsult is an advisor of the Lebanese parliament and international organizations. This has been a trigger for JUSTICIABeirutConsult to partake in collective jobs with Lebanese parliamentary members and ministers.

In addition to participating in major local and international workshops, JUSTICIABeirutConsult has contributed, several times, in drafting laws, many of which are now effective.

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Legal Services

Corporate and Commercial

JUSTICIABeirutConsult is a leading expert in the field of corporate and commercial law. The firm advises companies on operations and commercial activities, corporate governance, franchising, joint ventures, tax, mergers and acquisitions, and all types of commercial and services agreements. Furthermore, the firm offers a wide range of advisory services that include corporate finance advisory services, management consultancy and business advisory services.

Banking and Finance

With the banking sector facing emerging challenges worldwide, financial institutions are in dire need of guidance in order to protect their rights and interests whilst staying within the law. Having extensive experience working with the banking sector, JUSTICIABeirutConsult’s lawyers have the required skills and expertise to be able to provide the necessary assistance to address challenges in several areas of banking and finance law.

Shipment and Transportation

The shipment of goods and passengers is a major concern in global trade, presenting numerous risks and legal challenges. The contractual requirements around multi-modal project cargo transport are complex, requiring careful consideration and sector expertise. JUSTICIABeirutConsult’s legal staff has extensive experience in this field and seeks the client’s best interest.


JUSTICIABeirutConsult offers counseling and representation in labor and employment issues. We skillfully handle the progress of employment policy documents and forms conforming to legal requirements, negotiations and drafting of employment contracts, in addition to litigation, arbitration and other administrative inquiries.


With extensive experience in combatting terrorist financing and fighting money laundering compliance matters, our legal team provides a good number of banks and financial institutions with the best international practices and works on enhancing their policies and procedures in terms of AML/CFT, FATCA, CRS and GDPR.


JUSTICIABeirutConsult team advises financial institutions on all insurance aspects of property, project and real estate financing and transactions. Our experienced lawyers can help you in drafting insurance policies and reinsurance treaties as well as in any difficulty related to the given field that may eventually arise.

Human Rights

JUSTICIABeirutConsult’s legal staff has extensive academic and professional training in the defense of human rights. In all cases, when victims of human rights violations or people at risk of such violations come to us for advice, we strive to uphold their rights.


We are experts in closing lands deals. We draft contracts, register them and represent the client in all the stages of the deal. We are keen to make sure no obstacles or risks will encounter the registration. Therefore, JUSTICIABeirutConsult has a dedicated staff for that end.


JUSTICIABeirutConsult offers expert advice and litigation services such as criminal investigation and prosecution, with particular expertise in relation to corporate and business crimes.


Arbitration is known to be a confidential mean for businesses and entities to resolve their disputes in a quick and efficient manner. It also offers flexibility in procedures and rules of evidence and increased level of confidentiality and neutrality. JUSTICIABeirutConsult’s lawyers are well established in this field; our particular expertise includes advice on the drafting of arbitration clauses, consultation, and representation throughout the pre-arbitral process including adjudication, mediation, and other dispute resolution proceedings, as well as support and representation in national court proceedings concerning the enforcement or challenging of Arbitral Awards.
Our deep and varied practice sets us apart and affords our clients invaluable insight into winning strategies and arguments. Our lawyers’ biggest concern lies in ensuring our clients’ satisfaction and interest.

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