Me. Carla Bou Ziab



Bachelor’s Degree in Law

La Sagesse University


Masters in Private Law

La Sagesse University


Summer 2021 to current

Active member at “Methle Methlak’s” initiative:

  • An initiative which aims to alleviate juveniles’ reintegration process after their release from prison.
  • Delivered awareness sessions on juveniles’ reintegration process in different areas.
  • Organized meetings/ round-tables with various NGOs in the field for better outreach and services’ provision.
  • Participated in visits to Roumieh’s Central Prison.
  • Assisted in developing and implementing the “Forging your way” project where life-skills’ training where delivered to juveniles in contact with the law and to Palestinian females at Mar Elias Refugee camp.
  • Thorough research on Juvenile Justice and the situation of Lebanese Prisons.

Summer 2021 to current


  • Performed in-depth legal research, drafted, and reviewed different contracts and agreements, visited several official and judicial entities as well as assisted attorneys in different cases.

Spring 2022

Completed an internship at Father Afif Osseiran Foundation

  • Attended weekly sessions tackling Lebanese Criminal Procedural Law.
  • Met with Juvenile Judges at the Palace of Justice in Beirut and Baabda.
  • Attended several hearings at Criminal Courts and at Juvenile Judges Offices.

2016 to Current

Assisting in different events at Offre Joie, Beirut, Lebanon

  • Mitigated risk, coordinated plans and updated specifications to ensure safety compliance during different events.
  • Strategically increased productivity through various activities during different major events of the year.

2016 to Current

Monitoring Officer Offre Joie, Beirut, Lebanon

  • Lead more than eight summer camps during the last five years.
  • Attended several trainings before each camp on how to deal with children professionally.
  • Received psychological first aid training, sessions including tips on communication with children, creating rules and on management of specific problems.
  • Assisted other staff with looking out for children and supported them during their mission.
  • Developed intense schedules with various educational activities and fun games for children coming from different backgrounds and who are of different ages.


2020 to 2021

Club President Rotaract Club of Beirut Cosmopolitan

  • Developed extensive internal relationships to assist in maintaining the club
  • Assisted club members with various activities and encouraged them to participate in community
  • Liaised with team members to promote public relations strategies.
  • Coordinated cost-effective activities across the team significantly reducing club costs.

Summer 2021 to current

  • Volunteer at the Lebanese Red Cross – EMS Department.


  • Excellent problem-solving capability
  • Effective leadership and active listening
  • Conducting presentations, group presentations

Certificates & Awards:

  • Diplomacy Award from the Model United Nations program at Lebanese American


  • Honorable Mention Award from Global Classrooms International Model United Nations  in New York.
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